The production of machines for sheet metal processing.

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​Guide to producing machines for sheet metal processing


The production of machines for sheet metal processing is a high-interest industrial sector. Entrepreneurs seeking to increase the performance and profitability of their company can rely on Lucas to jointly develop custom machinery capable of working pipes, discs, sheets and other sheet metal structures. Lucas boasts an experience of more than 40 years in the production of machines of this type and is the ideal partner to meet the needs of a diverse clientèle. The offer is distinguished for the ability to analyse together the business objectives and to provide customised solutions down to the smallest details. Thanks to its flexible structure and specific expertise in certain areas Lucas is able to create both special machinery and effective standard personalisations for easy, quick and reliable use in every context.
The range of machinery for the processing of sheet metal includes new and second-hand products. The first group includes trimming forming machines, trimming machines, shear and flanging machines, pipe lock seamers and other machinery for special uses. Within each group of machines for sheet metal processing there are then several models, each designed to perform certain operations on sheets of different shapes and sizes. They range from the trimming & forming machine VBU model  (for trimming, forming, ribbing, turning, curling, flanging, cover pipe lock seaming and deformation threading) to the automatic system for cutting block discs 1800/10 (without any type of manual intervention required aside from loading of the packs of blocks and offloading of the scrap and discs).
To ensure maximum relevance of the machinery for use by the customer, the Lucas team gathers the information and technical data necessary to adapt its standards and to customise a component or feature, developing a precise design for the machinery to be customised. The machinery production service for sheet metal processing is always proposed considering parameters to be of primary importance such as the frequency of use, the possible inclusion within production lines, the need for additional treatments and finishes, and everything else required to obtain a final product that lives up to expectations, with the added security of CE marking and a 1 year warranty for any occurrence. All that remains is to rely on Lucas, at your side in sheet metal processing.
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