Beading machines for road signage: the VBU 2200

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Beading machines for traffic signs: the VBU 2200


The beading machines for road signs allows to perform the single or double beading (inward beading) on blanks of  sheet metal of various thickness pre-cut into different polygonal shapes (typically rectangular, circular, triangular, hexagonal or arrows). Using low-cost and easy to use copying moulds, the road signage beading machines are able to work both aluminium and steel, normal or galvanised. Lucas has worked for many years with numerous manufacturers of road signs in Europe and throughout the world. Our experience has been evolving so that today Lucas can boast of having achieved a superior level of knowledge of the industry resulting in excellent service for our customers. This type of work requires speed, accuracy and quality of finishes. If you want the best, focus on solutions designed especially for beading operations of sheet metal traffic signs. Solutions such as the Lucas VBU 2200, a cutting-edge machine that aims to fully satisfy current market standards.
The strengths of the beading machine for VBU 2200 road signage include the high processing speed, quick tool change, intuitive cycle programming  and also stability and robustness of the work unit that is also guided on ball bearing hydraulically controlled runners. The machine comes complete with a hydraulic power pack, spindle, electrical panel, workpiece, safety devices,  workpiece clamping system, workpiece centering device (or optional centering device of circular pieces) and lubrication system. Further details and photos can be found on the dedicated page or by contacting Lucas. We will be happy to show you how the VBU 2200 beading machine for road signage minimises operator intervention, ensuring considerable savings together with an increase in productivity.


For high qualities of circular signs, the Lucas catalogue proposes as a solution the M3/1600 beading shear machine, a machine that is able not only to create circular road signs but also sheet metal tables, tank bottoms and metal seals. The machine performs fully automatic disc cutting, beading and rebeading of the edged disc with a cutting speed of up to 70 meters per minute, all entirely managed by PLC. The machine can also be supplied with automation. As always, we at Lucas offer the option to customise our products to meet business objectives from every perspective.
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