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Sheet metal and forming machines


The forming of sheet metal is an art. For years, we at Lucas have striven to give shape to metal to achieve the form requested by the customer, reflecting the parameters needed for its application and use. Our trimming-beading machines can perform various operations, such as beading, ribbing, turning, curling, flanging, folding of covers and threading for deformation in addition to cutting/trimming if needed before or after modeling. Our VBU model trimming-beading machines are able to work in particular flat or tapered sheet metal, both circular and polygonal. In general, our VBU model range of machines offered by  Lucas is equipped with lower spindle motorised through gear reducer and inverter, upper idle spindle connected rigidly to a portal structure, a unit with hydraulic or electronic control of travel via "brushless" motor and hydraulic  control ejection/expansion system.
On all machines for sheet metal forming and trimming the company Lucas offers optional custom services such as automation of the loading and unloading of parts or scrap evacuation, ideal to reduce the work of staff and to optimise resources, also for interfacing with external automations to seamlessly integrate the machinery within production lines. Not only that: we at Lucas work to assist the customer for the design and realisation of complete lines where the machines for forming and trimming of sheet metal are accompanied by solutions for cutting (see the shears-beading machines section), handling of the finished product and other requiremenrts to be assessed on a case by case basis.


What distinguishes our range, first and foremost, is the ability to offer customised solutions according to customer requirements. Each of our machines is adaptable to the needs of the customer, thus satisfying the most important requirement of modern industry, namely flexibility. Each machine is supplied with CE marking and a 1 year warranty on all manufacturing defects. This is in addition to full operation 24/7 and a vast network of dealers in Italy, Europe and throughout the world. Lucas, sheet metal working machinery since 1975.
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