Stainless steel head tanks for storage and liquid foods

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Stainless steel head tanks for storage and liquid foods


The processing of vessels in stainless steel for the storage of liquids and foodstuffs is a time-consuming and elaborate process, which can be speeded up and automated  thanks to our set of special machines.  Those machineries  belongs to the group of machines we call shear and beading machine, they are designed and produced according to the shape and dimension that is given to the stainless steel bottom and, consequently, according to the liquid or to the food that will be stored in the containers. Our semi-automatic shear and beading machines (mainly models 3/1300 and 5/1800) are for example suited for the realization of flat and conical bottoms, ideal for the storage of oil and wine. Our double head machine model  M3/1600, in particular, ensures high productivity, with cutting speeds that reaches 70 meters per minute and blade downstroke with hydraulic control and retarding device for cutting in more revolutions.


Wine and oil are certainly not the only food that needs adequate storage in stainless steel tanks. An emerging area in this sense is that of the industrial breweries and micro-breweries: the wide use of stainless steel cones, ideal for the contact with the beer, but also with the must and above all with water, an essential ingredient in 'entire production process. Lucas can boast a set of Cirdular blades shaers and beading machine series 10/3500 -5000 - 6500 M, with capability to perform the cutting and the subsequent flanging of the bottom with a high quality of finish and an absolute repeatability of the pieces.
We close this brief overview of machinery for the processing of stainless steel heads dedicated to the storage of liquids and foods with a cutting-flanging  model, designed for the cutting and framing of polycentric heads (dished, flat or rolled). We are talking about the shear flanging machine model RD 3800 - R, if you work in the field of transport tanks, especially for the transport of milk. The machine trims the bottom already formed and then executes the external edging of the piece, which can be clamped with special cradles locking through vacuum without drilling the bottom. An intelligent, quick and effective way to get a high quality product.
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