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Longitudinal Pipe Seamer


These machines are used in many fields of sheet metal processing sectors and can, in many cases, be used in place of the welding process. Pipe seaming is carried out quickly and very reliably by Lucas.  Just as in conventional forming, beading and sheet handling machines, there are many advantages in using pipe seamers.  These include a reduction in costs, an increase in manufacturing capacity, better management of resources and higher quality standards.  Seaming is carried out on mild steel (sometimes galvanised) and stainless steel ferrules, on thicknesses ranging from 0.3 and 0.8 mm, on pipes of varying diameters which are used in a number of industrial applications relating to the building industry.  Examples include flue pipes, boilers, gutter downpipes as well as filter bodies for compressors and other separators, stainless steel wastepaper baskets, steel tins for baking and much else besides.


The first and most important objective of pipe seamers is the excellent grip of the elements joined together.  The pipe seaming process is very quick, extremely practical and safe.  The already rolled item is loaded onto a cradle, which the operator controls with both hands on the console, and the process is carried out in 1 second.  To satisfy seaming requirements, different models of the machine can be constructed, depending on the diameter and length of the metal sheet.  Therefore the machine, on the one hand, responds fully to the requirements of business and, on the other, addresses the need for speed, robustness, durability and attention to detail typical of modern production of pipes and equipment.
So that we can ensure efficiency levels fulfill the highest expectations, at Lucas we have introduced the possibility of integrating each lock seamer with automatic loading and unloading systems, thereby achieving further advantages in terms of performance and results.  Furthermore, our technicians can provide professional advice on designing complete lines which include seaming stations.  Each machine, working in semi-automatic mode, requires very basic staff training, enabling it to be used immediately for any application.  Lucas staff members are available to analyse the most suitable solution for your needs and to give you a custom made quote without any obligation.  Why wait?
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