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Tube beading machines: Standard and Tailor-Made Models


Modern tube beading machines must meet the needs of industry and ever higher standards of quality.  To guarantee perfect processing on multiple tube sizes with different diameters, thicknesses and lengths, a beading machine for made to measure tubes is required.  This does not necessarily mean higher design costs.  Thanks to many years of experience, at Lucas we are able to develop customised solutions starting from machines which are technologically advanced and reliable in terms of performance.  The range of tube beading machines is constantly evolving, keeping up with the needs of a competitive market, and always looking for the best price/quality ratio.


The jewel in the crown of Lucas tube beading machines is the double head 3/2000 model.  It is a state of the art machine, which is ideal for flanging circular tubes of different lengths.  The double head enables working on both sides of the tube, especially for work involving flanging outwards and turning the flange automatically after the flanging.  Key strengths of the double head tube beading machine 3/2000 are its simple operation thanks to easy programming, tools which are robust and hence durable, and user-friendly working sequences using a touch screen control panel.
The technical features of the Lucas double head tube beader 3/2000 include:
  • Max thickness (R. 40 N / mm2 ------------------------ 3
  • Min and max diameter (mm) -------------------------- 80 – 630
  • Ferrule length min and max diameter(mm)----------- 130 – 2000
  • Flange length (mm) ------------------------------------ 10
It should be noted that the machine can be programmed to work two short pieces simultaneously.  As in other Lucas models, the tube beading machine has the option of being supplied with an automatic piece loading/unloading device.  Alternatively, it can be prepared for an interface with the customer’s own piece loading/unloading system.  All this helps in meeting the needs of business rapidly and with perfect results.
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