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Trimming Machines for Sheet Metal: the Lucas VBU Series


There are several types of sheet metal trimming.  The complete series manufactured by the company, Lucas, takes the name of VBU and includes the trimming / forming model VBU 400, the trimming / forming model VBU 800, the trimming / forming model VBU 1200, the trimming / forming model VBU 1600 and the trimming / forming model VBU 2200 . There is also a version for the production of road signs . These machines can perform a wide range of machining on circular and polygonal flat or drawn sheet metal parts.  Processes include trimming, beading, ribbing, turning, curling, flanging, seaming for covers and threading for deformation.  Each sheet metal trimming machine is equipped with technical features and high quality standard equipment such as electrical wiring with PLC and touch screen control panel, user friendly machine programming and hydraulic working unit.


Our factory can undertake customised processing on the entire range of VBU sheet metal trimming machines, from the 400 to the 2200.  Measures proposed include automatic piece loading and unloading, automatic scrap ejection and interfacing with external automation.  This means that the operating level of the machines reaches very high thresholds of autonomy, ensuring minimal intervention by the employee and, consequently, lower production costs.  This makes us more competitive on the international market with faster and more secure economic return on investment.
In addition to this, if you put your trust in Lucas, you will have full assistance and support throughout every phase, from prelimanary designing to spare parts.  Furthermore, our technicians are at the company’s disposal for training of personnel, with meetings in person or distance tutorials to learn about the management, use and maintenance of the machines.  For further information on sheet metal trimming machines and Lucas products, we invite you to contact us without obligation via email at or by telephone on 0445.891722.  Our headquarters are located at via IV Novembre in Chiuppano, in the Vicenza region. Come and see us in person!
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