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Shear and Beading Machine for Rolled or Rounded Bases


The tanker vehicle sector requires tanks for liquids and food which are both sturdy and reliable.  The objective is, on the one hand, to ensure the correct storage of the product and, on the other, to comply with national and EU legislation in relation to safety and hygiene.  To meet the highest of expectations, Lucas has designed a special machine called RD 3800 – R. It is a shear and beading machine for rolled or rounded bases.  It is capable of cutting and beading the piece externally with a high degree of precision, remaining faithful to the original design.  The shear and beading machine for flat, rounded or rolled multicentre bases can also work on flat or circular bases which renders them even more versatile and functional.


The shear and flanging machine for rolled or rounded bases RD-3800 stands out for its sophisticated operating system.  With a template cut by laser or plasma, the machine copies the piece which can be held in position with special clamping cradles, by vacuum, without needing to drill the base.  This is an advantage in terms of time and efficiency which can translate into the production of significant quantities of bases at very reasonable cost.  The shear and beading machine for rolled or rounded bases has the following technical features:
Max diagonal / diameter (mm) 3800
Max thickness R. 40 Kg / mm2 6
Max flanging height (mm) ~90
Cutting speed (mt / min) 0 - 30
Flanging speed (mt / min) 0 - 20
Lucas offers the complete version of the shear and beading machine RD-3800 for cutting and beading to interested businesses.  Furthermore, our technical staff are at the customer’s disposal to provide extra services such as tailor made design, sampling and feasability studies.  There is also on site inspection of new machines to optimise performance as well as personnel training, online assistance, audits and check ups.  In short, we offer a complete range of services to satisfy any request in the tanker vehicle sector and in numerous other fields.
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