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Double head Flanging Machine: Model 3/2000


The double head flanging machine is state of the art and ideal for flanging circular tubes of different lengths.  The model proposed by Lucas is called the 3/2000 and is a double head flanging machine which can carry out flanging/ribbing as well as curling operations.  The “double head” formula means that both sides of the tube can be worked at the same time.  More specifically, the Lucas 3/2000 flanging machine is designed to flange outwards and to turn the flange automatically after the flanging, ensuring a high degree of precision and remaining absolutely faithful to the original design of the piece.
In the Lucas double head flanging machine, the lower spindle is driven by gear motor reduction and inverter while the working unit can be hydraulic or with electronic stroke control by “brushless” motor.  Attention is drawn to the special “2 pieces” processing programme which enables the 3/2000 double head flanging machine to operate contemporaneously on two short tubes.  Depending on requirements, the machine can be provided with an automatic piece loader/unloader or, alternatively, it is prepared for interfacing with the customer’s own loading/unloading system.  This versatility broadens the production horizons and allows the company to perfect the flanging cycle and the manufacturing of tubes according to design requirements.


Conscious of today’s production needs, our business has focused particularly on some technical features of the 3/2000 model double head flanging machine.  These include ensuring quick tool change, user friendly machine programming, long tool life and protection for operators.  We also offer our customers  tailor made assistance on matters such as staff training, spare parts, on site inspection, online technical advice, sampling, feasability studies, audits, periodic check ups and much more.  Our network of dealers covers the whole of Europe with contacts also in North and South America.  For customised advice you can visit us in person at via IV Novembre, 3, in Chiuppano, in the Vivenza region.

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