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Trimming and Forming for Polygonal Bases


The trimmer-former machines for polygonal bases designed by Lucas are able to meet the needs of businesses in the food and beverage sector (food and drink storage, oven trays, stainless steel or aluminium pans, cooking surfaces), the pharmaceutical sector and for other bases for containers (e.g. wheelbarrows or fuel tanks).  The different models stand out for their ability to cut and form polygonal and oval bases of any size and dimension with extremely precise and clean lines.  Our forming machines produce outstanding results from many perspectives such as perfectly parallel surfaces, excellent finish, absolutely uniform pieces and simple operation thanks to easily produced templates.  The range of formers for polygonal bases can be seen below.

TRIMMER-FORMER MACHINES VBU 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2200

Lucas’s many years’ experience in designing and constructing machines for sheet metal processing has led to the creation of many versions of trimmer-former machines.  These can successfully carry out the entire manufacturing process of large and small polygonal and circular bases.  The lowest common denominator is their flexibility in handling the most diverse materials (stainless steel, soft iron, aluminium alloy) and differing shapes of base, both flat and curved.  The trimmer-former series is identified by the sequence accompanying the initials VBU, with a progression from VBU 400 to the VBU 2200  which indicates the size of the machine and its load capacity.
Recurrent features are the very sturdy working unit ensuring the tools have a longer life; user-friendly machine programming thanks to the electrical system with PLC and “touch screen” control panel; safety guaranteed by security lighting in the loading zone and fixed protection on the side and rear of the machine; and the ability to carry out trimming, forming, ribbing, turning, curling, flanging, seaming of covers.  High technological standards and knowledge of manufacturing processes ensure that quality polygonal bases are constructed very rapidly and with the minimum consumption of materials.  Nothing but the best for truly state of the art manufacturing.
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