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Circular Shear and Beading Machines: From Containers to Road Signs


Circular shears, also known as rotary shears, are the jewel in the crown of our industrial production.  As for the trimming – beading machines, the available models of circular shears satisfy a broad range of needs and allow multiple processes to be carried out with a high degree of reliability and superior quality.  The objective of circular shear and beading machines is cutting, and then beading, pieces in materials such as stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium alloys.  Thanks to simple measures such as digital display of the diameter of the cut, hydraulically controlled blade descent for cutting in several revolutions and higher speed, the control and management of the production process are simple and rapid, ensuring excellent results.  Below is an overview of the circular shears recommended by Lucas.


The so-called Lucas circular shears are subdivided into semi-automatic versions with the option of integrating automatic beading, depending on the grade of automation anticipated.  The series of semi-automatic circular shear and beading machines includes basic versions such as the model 3/1300.  The smallest in the range, it was developed principally to satisfy the requirements of customers concerned with drawing, metal spinning and gaskets.  Advanced versions include the series …/2600, which can cut and bead on bases up to thicknesses of 8-10 mm (the piece is hydraulically clamped through tailstock at the gooseneck).  To help you in making your choice, it is useful to understand the identification code of each circular shear machine.  The first number indicates the maximum thickness and the second, the maximum radius.  For example, 3/1300 = 3 mm max thickness and 1300 mm max diameter.
Regarding the maximum height of beading, minimum radius, cutting speed and other technical features, the relevant information can be viewed on the pages devoted to individual machines.  Circular shears are a suitable option for manufacturing road signs and flat or curved bases.  They are therefore a valuable piece of equipment for sectors such as storage, food & wine, the transport of tanks containing food and liquids, also pressurised, and roadworks.  Lucas staff provide complete support in preparing and desiging tailor made machines, whatever the particular need.  Contact us without obligation to find out more!
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