Semi-automatic shearing machine on the disc cutting line

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Disc shearing machine: semi-automatic machines and cutting lines


For forty years this type of machine has been one of the strengths of the company's production. Our machines are suitable for all manufacturers of bases, or of tanks and surfaces, conical or domed, circular section or polycentric. Our shearing and flanging machines cut and then flange the base with a high-quality finish and with absolute repeatability of the pieces.  We can also offer combined double head shearing and flanging machines where the cutting phase is immediately followed by the flanging of the workpiece, ensuring high productivity. Each model fully encapsulates the process of research and development of our company matured over many years of experience which has allowed us to develop an increasingly expanding clientèle and which, to our credit, has chosen  "Lucas" as the sole supplier for this type of application.  Let's examine the two models supplied with automatic loading and unloading: the 5-1000 stand-alone model  and the complete automatic systems for the 1800/10 block disc cutting model
Compact equipment consisting of a circular blade shearing machine with integrated transfer, vacuum gripping and pneumatic scrap extraction system. The standard version can cut discs from 200 to 1060 mm in diameter and of a maximum thickness of 5 mm. The average productivity of the 5-1000 disc shearing machine is 5 pieces/minute which means it is also suitable for small production batches.  It is an automatic machine which, among other aspects, allows visualising of the cutting diameter on the display, the possibility of punching at the centre of the cut discs and management of the pieces in terms of number and thickness.  For more information about the specifications see the technical data of the 5-1000 disc shearing machine

For those seeking the one machine to manage the cutting of sheet metal discs, we at Lucas offer the 1800/10 system which is distinguished by its simple disc shearing machine, by the absence of manual intervention required from the operator (apart from loading of the blocks and unloading of the scrap and discs) and therefore by the complete autonomy of the production process. The features of the machine include the integrated separating device, the hydraulic locking axis, the 4-piece scrap offloading system, the integrated scrap evacuation, the trolley equipped with suction cups and magnets for unloading of the cut disc and scrap (unloading onto separate stations). For the full list, again refer to the dedicated page at 1800/10 automatic system.
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